The Belonging Quotient is not just for organizations or even corporate leaders. It is for leaders, visionaries and people committed to building spaces, homes, communities and relationships in which others feel a sense of belonging. It is for those committed to creating  IDEALS spaces - Inclusive, Diverse, Engaged, Aware, Leading and Safe communities.


Remember, your BQ is your individual ability, willingness, commitment and action plan around attracting, engaging, retaining and surrounding yourself with the right people with whom to grow, build community and change the world. So whether the community you're (re)building or strengthening is your immediate or extended family, your school, small business, place of worship, village, town or city, the key question remains: #WhatsYourBQ?


I created this framework to inspire you and help you on your mission. The BQ framework is for anyone who wants to:

  • Attract Ambassadors

  • Celebrate Community

  • Deepen Diversity

  • Elevate Engagement

  • Lead Legitimately

  • Inspire Inclusion

  • Power Performance

  • Reward Retention

  • Teach Teamwork

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