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Our Mission at Project Upside Down

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Challenge.  Educate.  Inspire.

Project Upside Down's mission is to encourage, challenge and inspire leaders, individuals and organizations to shift, shape and expand their perspectives in order to facilitate access to new ideas, to accelerate personal, communal or organizational growth and transformation, and to amplify impact. Or as I like to say, seeing the world from upside down. Think how different things look when you see the sky first every once in a while. 


At the center of this mission is the need for healthy open dialogues in our workplaces, schools, homes and across the world for those perspective-shifting conversations. I'm continuing the work I began with my podcast, MamaTokTok's A Different Take, and bringing you right into the conversation. 


Our inaugural Project Upside Down event is the 24-hour Global Women's Summit taking place on April 23 - April 24 starting at 8am EST/8pm SGT with the theme:

"Shifting Perspectives: The Dynamic Woman I." To register for attendance (it's free), click here. 

Our Team for the Global Women's Summit


Abam Mambo

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Abam is the Founder/Creator of Project Upside Down, an arm of MamaTokTok. She's the host and curator of the 2021 24-hour Global Women's Summit themed "Shifting Perspectives: The Dynamic Woman I."

A global speaker, writer and lawyer, Abam speaks on a range of workplace and life issues, always with the mission and intent to expand conversations and consciousness by bringing in fresh perspectives, or as she prefers to put it, looking at the world from upside to see sky first.

She very recently delivered a keynote address on Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging at the World Health Organization. For more on her speaking, click here.


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Binu Balan

Binu is a partner and co-host of the 2021 24-Hour Global Women's Summit.

A business matchmaker and internationally seasoned senior leader, she has two decades of extensive experience in designing and implementing strategies to drive business transformation and lasting brand equity.


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