From Bias to Self-Belonging:

Five Risks Worth Taking

From Bias to Self-Belonging:

If you're looking to be inspired, to think outside the box, to see your biases in a new light, and to get in the driver's seat of your career and life, this is the talk for you.

Robyn Fenty, Amelia Earhart, Miriam Makeba, John Stephen Akhwari, Walt Disney, Frida Kahlo and Maya Angelou are only a few of the historical and contemporary changemakers that share the stage with snippets of Abam's own life to give the audience a talk they'd be happy to gift to every woman they know and love!

Learning Objectives Attendees to this keynote will:
-Examine biases and belief systems that may be keeping them from pursuing their highest potential;
-Learn 5 risks worth taking to advance their personal and professional goals;
-Be challenged to take the driver's seat in their own lives and to examine what matters to them most in the pursuit of purpose and happiness; and
-Learn four key barriers to change and how to successfully navigate those barriers and overcome them.

Target Audience
This keynote is great for everyone.