Hi, I'm Abam!

I help people and organizations transform by shifting perspectives, or as I like to call it, looking at the world from Upside Down.

The ability to shift perspectives is one of the most powerful traits for successful people

When you're stuck in a rut

Or hit a dead-end

When you need new ideas

It's time to hang upside down

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My Backstory

I learned at an early age that to be a jack of all trades was to be master of none. It was frowned upon. Being a subject matter expert was the way to go. But I was a little girl growing up during a big economic recession where jobs were lost with no hopes for replacement and unemployment hovered in the 30-40% range. I came to appreciate and honour the multiple hats my parents and grandparents wore because in those time of crises, it was Jack, not the Master, who saved the day.


Lesson 1: One story, two perspectives.

Lesson 2: You can be Jack or Master and still be successful

Outcome: By age eight, I knew I wanted to be a writer, a lawyer and a teacher. Jack seemed more interesting to me than Master.

Real World Application: Notice how companies move key talent across different roles? It's no accident. They're training enterprise leaders.


How It's Turning Out

Years later, my corporate career spans employment law, corporate compliance, white collar and workplace investigations. I have counselled C-suite executives, Human Resources and senior management in small, startup and Fortune/Global 500 companies on workplace culture, inclusion and diversity and corporate compliance. In these roles, I have lived on three continents and led teams in Asia, Africa and North America. And that's for the "main job."

I have kept the Jack in me alive and well through writing and as an international keynote speaker. My essays, poetry and fiction have appeared in Paradigm, African Vibes Magazine, Farafina, Anti-Languorous, etc. I continue to speak and host the podcast, MamaTokTok's A Different Take.

I am a mom and have been a local, immigrant and expat; an employee and employer.

These experiences have made me Abam of several trades and a Master of Three - Law, Speaking and Writing. Without these, I wouldn't have the privilege of speaking to you. And it all began with a different perspective on the old narrative about Jack of all trades.

Image by Pawel Czerwinski
Image by Tingey Injury Law Firm

At the heart of being a lawyer is the ability to understand multiple points of view. As a litigator, counselor and advocate for 14 years, Abam has mastered the art of seeing things from different perspectives

Levitating Books

Abam writes and has published fiction, essays and poetry for literary and lifestyle magazines. Her writing allows her to immerse herself in different characters and to see life in the story from their unique perspectives.


Abam has lived, worked and led teams on three continents, and traveled across five. This exposure to diverse culture, peoples, lifestyles and languages has broadened her perspectives.


Abam has worked as a lawyer, compliance officer, and investigator in the corporate world. She sits on the board of a startup company and has experience launching small businesses


Abam's podcast "MamaTokTok's A Different Take" has a mission to bring diverse perspectives on everyday issues from everyday people around the world. Her guests have come from over 25 countries and different walks of life


Abam wears many hats in her personal life, including mother, employer, employee, daughter, mentee, etc.