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Three Angles of a Triangle:

Diversity + Inclusion + Safety = Belonging

Three Angles of a Triangle:

This keynote is the foundational step for cultivating a High Belonging culture. Abam offers a simplified lens through which to initiate a dialogue and launch first steps towards creating diverse, inclusive and safe teams, brands and organizations.

Framing Belonging as the destination, Abam re-educates the audience by demystifying diversity, re-examining inclusion, and introducing safety as the crucial third angle to creating a sense of belonging.

Learning Objectives
Attendees to this keynote will learn:
-How to tell their diversity story with credibility, courage and conviction;
-What Belonging is and why diversity, inclusion, and safety make the 3 angles of the belonging triangle;
-An approach to DEI that finds common ground and galvanizes employee support for DEI programs
-How to leverage belongingness to increase engagement, improve performance, embed diversity and inclusion and boost retention.

Target Audience This keynote is ideal for:
-Leaders in any sector
-Marketers & Brand Managers
-Human Resources