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Speak Up: The One-Legged Tripod

Sparking Creativity, Innovation and Empowerment

Speak Up: The One-Legged Tripod

Abam brings new, refreshing and culturally relevant perspectives to the discussion on "Speak Up" culture. Framing Speak Up as critical to fostering a sense of belonging in the workplace, Abam shows leaders and organizations how to rebrand Speak Up by returning the two missing legs on the tripod, highlighting its role in expanding psychological safety, and showcasing its ability to star as the birthplace of creativity and innovation.

Learning Objectives
Attendees to this keynote will:
-See Speak Up through a different, more culturally-relevant lens;
-Learn about the second and third legs of the Speak Up tripod;
-Learn the role of Speak Up in fostering a sense of belonging, and increasing employee engagement, inclusion and psychological safety; and
-Learn the critical role compliance, employee relations and investigations play in building trust, and fostering a sense of belonging among employees.

Target Audience This keynote is ideal for:
-Leaders in any sector
-Human Resources
-All Employees