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Magnets, Matches & Sellotape

Raising Your Belonging Quotient
to Attract, Engage and Retain

Magnets, Matches & Sellotape

Magnets attract. Matches ignite. Sellotape sticks (but not too hard)! With employee and customer engagement at an all time low, and given the isolation, loneliness and spikes in mental health issues arising in the wake of the pandemic, creating a sense of belonging has become a burning platform but also a competitive edge for those leaders, organizations and brands that lean in to foster Belongingness. In this keynote, Abam unveils her Belonging Quotient framework to teach, empower and ignite organizations, brands and leaders to increase their BQ so they can attract like Magnets, ignite like Matches and retain like Sellotape.

Learning Objectives
Attendees to this keynote will:
- Learn what Belongingness is and why it matters on teams, in workplaces and for brands;
- Understand the impact of belongingness on employee/ customer engagement and business performance;
- Learn about the Belonging Quotient framework; and
- Apply elements of the BQ framework to become a high belonging or MMS employer, brand or leader.

Target Audience : This keynote is ideal for, but not limited to:
-Leaders in any sector
-Marketers & Brand Managers
-Human Resources
-Public Figures & Influencers