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The 5 Cs of Community

Home Upside Down:

Description Unlike Abam's other keynotes, this keynote is a dialogue between those that left and those left behind; a conversation between couples, families, communities on opposite ends of a phone line, city, ocean during the pandemic. The kind of conversations and experiences that birthed the Belonging Quotient.

At its heart, Abam tackles some of the key issues of the pandemic era - separations, isolation, distance, resignation and ultimately the joy of reunions, the quest for purpose of belonging and the triumph of the human spirit. This talk brings into sharp focuses what it takes to be a high belonging community.

Learning Objectives Attendees will to this keynote will:
-Learn the various meanings, shapes and dimensions of home in the pandemic era;
-Be invited to reflect and share their thoughts on the meaning of home and community pre- and post pandemic
-Learn how to rebuild community - whether that's a school, workplace, place of worship as we all accept the "new normal.'
-Learn the 5 C's of Community and how to apply them in their own communities.

Target Audience This keynote is great for everyone.