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Hanging Upside Down

Managing Diverse Perspectives: Lessons From Bungee-Jumping, Fenty Beauty, Quasimodo and Other Unexpected Places

Hanging Upside Down

In this narrative style keynote, Abam Mambo draws from her travels, contemporary and historical figures, animated characters, and her expat experience to inspire intentional and inclusive leadership of diverse teams. Among her top two most requested keynotes, this talk explores diversity of personalities, perspectives and approaches with a focus on how to lead and be a part of such a team. Prepare to travel from your seat to Victoria Falls, Ladakh, Paris, Disney and a small village in Germany, while learning how to influence and impact teammates with different personalities and perspectives.

Learning Objectives
Attendees to this keynote will learn:
-About diversity of personalities, outlook and approaches and the benefits and challenges of this kind of diversity on teams;
- Personality archetypes every high-performing team should strive to bring on board in building diverse teams.
-Learn how to identify and expand their "circle of influence"; and
-Practical tools to expand that to ensure they are engaging in inclusive behaviors with teammates.

Target Audience
This keynote is ideal for:
-Leaders in any sector
-Employee Resource Groups
-Human Resources & All Employees