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Spark New Ideas. Accelerate Growth. Amplify Your Impact.

In a world where 80% of people resist change, your ability to change is your competitive advantage.

If you're afraid to change or unsure where to start, picture this:


You're hanging upside down in a headstand, on the side of a couch, bed or swing set. Imagine the emotions that run through you. Pain. Excitement. Fear. Confusion. Exhilaration. Discomfort. Surprise.


You finally find your balance. With blood rushing to your head, your feet in the air or hooked to the side of the couch or bed, you open your eyes. You see the sky or ceiling first, and in that moment, your whole perspective shifts. A gateway opens. Perhaps the spark of a new idea. A new gateway. A novel approach to an old problem. A slice of "eureka!" 


That's the transformative power of shifting perspectives. That's what I'd like to introduce to you as you transform your organization, your business, your relationships, and yourself.

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Abam understands firsthand that the ability to shift your perspective is a competitive advantage in business and in your personal life. That is why she is committed to helping you examine where shifts in your perspective are necessary to allow you to access new ideas, accelerate growth and amplify your impact. 

Her ability to help you connect the dots and shift perspectives come from a multitude of experiences over the course of her lifetime. 

Abam has successfully navigated a corporate career as a lawyer, compliance officer and investigator, while writing fiction, essays and poetry for literary and lifestyle magazines. For 13 years, she has advised C-suite executives and senior management in Global and Fortune 500 companies while serving on the board of a startup and starting two businesses. She's been a native/local, an immigrant and expat. She has been employee, employer, leader and individual contributor, and she has sat on both sides of the microphone as a podcaster.

She has delivered keynotes and inspirational addresses in a dozen countries around the world, and her talks, writings and podcasts have reached over 60 countries. 


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I asked Abam to speak to our whole organization (US and Europe). The topic was broad... whilst I knew about her professional expertise, I didn't know Abam, the speaker. In short she was outstanding. A captivating storyteller, relevant and contextual. Her eloquence drew us in and her authenticity made her accessible to us all. Understanding our work context was also incredibly helpful when she answered questions from the audience and her willingness to cover sensitive topics with compassionate challenge came across as intelligent, smart, kind but spoken to. Thank you, Abam."

Tina St. Leger,  Chief Human Resources Officer at GW Pharma

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